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Four Tips to Smooth Organizational Change

An excellent checklist for managing change from the top down. My very talented sister, an expert in the field of communications, is the author.

From Carolyn Boccella Bagin, President, Center for Clear Communication, Inc.

How to Structure Your Day Better

The digital age has created a huge time killer – the smartphone. People on average check the internet, emails or social media over 150 times a day. This article clears the clutter in your schedule and provides a structured approach to completing tasks.

From Quartz at Work

A Scorecard to Help You Compare Two Jobs

Author provides a good template for assessing a career move. My advice, though, if your primary reason for leaving is $, stay. A better salary won’t hide all the blemishes you may find in a new position.

Listening is an Overlooked Leadership Skill

Focused, uninterrupted listening is often a lost art. Distractions by 24/7 communication tools detract from a leader’s ability to connect with her team and downplay important contributions.

To Reduce Stress, Embrace Your Inner Type-B

Why are Type-A stress inducers often viewed as leaders?

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

Reading doesn’t just improve your knowledge, it caqn help fight depression, make you more confident, empathetic, and a better decision maker.

How to Show Trustworthiness in a Job Interview

Selling your competence is only one key objective in an interview. Being warm and engaging presents a non-threatening persona that will win over your interviewer.

Not Taking Risks is the Riskiest Career Move of All

Professionals can become complacent as they climb the corporate ladder. An effective career strategy is to always plan for your next position. Build and maintain the relationships that will someday advance your career.

How to Decide if that One Annoying Thing About Your Job is a Deal Breaker

There are any numbers of factors that will create dissatisfaction in your job – an overbearing manager, a long commute, an incompatible culture, $$ or lack of promotional opportunities. The list goes on, but how do you know when the differences cannot be mended and that it’s time to bolt?

article by Katie Douthwaite

The Evolving Role of Finance: From Spreadsheets to Strategy

Middle market companies are investing in technology to collect and analyze data, freeing finance for a more strategic role in decision making. In my experience, this has been the trend in large companies for many years. Competition, economic recovery and a willingness to invest has moved smaller companies in this direction.

Office Politics Isn’t Something You Can Sit Out

Every organization has its politics and dynamics to deal with. Figure it out to survive.

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Networking  Don’t sabotage yourself and give before you take.

How to Give a Stellar Presentation   Public speaking isn’t a lot of fun for many professionals. Preparation and confidence will ease the stress. Here are tips for a dynamite presentation.

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